Today’s Quote – 2007.11.16

“The politician thinks about the next election, the statesman about the next generations.”

Otto von Bismarck



2 thoughts on “Today’s Quote – 2007.11.16”

  1. Hell yes. Excuse my language but I’m so very moved by this quote – thank you. Much love to you both. Give that woman of yours a hug for me – and get one for yourself while you’re at it.

    Always love, always peace.

    ~ RS ~

  2. Hell yes, indeed! What we see today in politics is what we see today in corporate culture. “What’ll get me (or the party) elected in the next election?” is not materially different from “How’ll this look on next quarter’s bottom line?” We have precious few, precious few, people out there that look past the tip of their nose and see the future.

    Now that I’m done with my vent, thanks for stopping by, and, just coincidently, I already got and gave my hugs before I even saw your message. 😉

    Peace now. Peace in the future.


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