Today’s Quote – 2007.10.06

“Patriotism to me, isn’t what you wear on your lapel,” he said. “It’s what you carry in your heart. I don’t need a pin to certify my love for this country.”

Barack Obama



4 thoughts on “Today’s Quote – 2007.10.06”

  1. I *know* you must have heard John Prine’s: “Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven” song….right?? If not, lemme know, I can hook you up with it I believe.

    Wishing you some peace and beauty in your life today but I strongly suspect you’ve got both in your life in abundance. Right again, right?

    Much love to both you and L.

    Peace always,

    ~ RS ~

  2. That appears to be one I’ve missed, but it definitely sounds like something that I would like to hear.

    Lots of beauty, peace only when I don’t think about U.S. politics. 😉

    Peace and beauty to you.


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