Today’s Quote – 2007.09.25

“That’s why everyday, in everything we do, we should keep in our minds that 130,000 sons and daughters of America remain in the crossfire, with no prospects for coming home. That our military continues to be stretched thin to the point that it can’t adequately respond to other threats that may arise. That our national guard remains overused and overburdened to the point that it can’t properly respond to disasters here in the homeland.

That the terror training ground in Iraq remains fertile, and one day those trainees could be on our soil. That Osama bin Laden is back in business and continues to roam free in a safe zone along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

That thousands upon thousands of Americans fighting in Iraq won’t be sitting at the table this Thanksgiving… or the next one. And that some won’t see another Thanksgiving, period.”

Sen. Robert Menendez writing at Huffington Post



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