Today’s Quote – 2007.09.10

“A bazillion words will be spilled this week about war and terror. But none of them will matter as much as the real blood being spilled in pursuit of a delusional policy which has criminally diverted our urgent attention from a world-wide war with violent Islamic extremists that no outcome in Iraq is going to end.”

Marty Kaplan at Huffington Post



2 thoughts on “Today’s Quote – 2007.09.10”

  1. That quote may be true to a point. The point being Islamic extremists.
    We are fighting the Islamic extremists in Iraqi. If we win in Iraq, we will have won a major battle against Islamic extremists, perhaps, not the war, but a battle indeed.

  2. Ah, but there were virtually no Islamic extremists in Iraq until coalition forces created a safe haven for them. I am not sure there are as many as the Bush administration would have me believe either.


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