Remembering Katrina

A stunning vocal performance by Mary Gauthier accompanying a heartbreaking video directed by Demetria Kalodimos.

Do watch, Jersey Guy recommends it, but do keep a tissue handy.


Hat tip to D. R. Scott at Brilliant at Breakfast


4 thoughts on “Remembering Katrina”

  1. Being a Brazilian, I’m unfortunately kinda used to this sort if images, but I’d NEVER, EVER, thought I’d seem something like this in the US.

    When I first saw some of these images on CNN, it took me a few seconds to actually associate the images with the captions at the bottom of the screen.

    Kudos to the director and to the photographers. Pictures of people always “get” me.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ronaldo, you are not the only one shocked by seeing images like this from the U.S. I was shocked and I was born there. The country has been hijacked by truly evil people over the last 7 years, hopefully the populace will wake up and doing something about it. Very soon.


  3. R.,

    You got me – I got the tissues out but there just can’t be enough of them.

    Thank you for sharing this. All the small things are so small compared to these sorts of disasters.

    While watching this, I was reminded of how we could see similar photos of the countries that are devastated by wars by various forms of physical, emotional and spirtual destruction – and the song would go with any one of them as well.

    Thanks to you, to D. R. Scott at Brilliant at Breakfast, Demetria Kalodimos and Mary Gauthier.

    Thank you to the people who were able to do what they could for the Katrina victims and survivors.

    Peace as always.

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