Today’s Quote – 2007.01.29

“I wasn’t quite suited for the educational system. One problem with the way the educational system is set up is that it only recognizes a certain type of intelligence, and it’s incredibly restrictive — very, very restrictive. There’s so many types of intelligence, and people who would be at their best outside of that structure [get lost]. Most of the schools, they’re aiming to build you up and get you into the machine.” – Bruce Springsteen


One thought on “Today’s Quote – 2007.01.29”

  1. Turn on the television any day or night and watch the latest celebrity squabble, appeal for a hot couple’s baby picture or another musician entering detox, and you’ll be hard pressed to find the humanity. In a self-obsessed sector of society, it’s refreshing to see someone like Springsteen continually step up and let his voice be heard, knowing it will reach hundreds of thousands each year.

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